It is Naval DC’s core competence to manage and take care of your electric propulsion project from A to Z. We offer a variety of products and services for high power electric propulsion drive trains.

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High power systems

Your project requires more than just a couple of kW's? No problem. Naval DC is the specialist for 10 kW up to 100 kW high power electric motors and has strong bonds with industry leading motor manufacturers. Our turn key approach for an integrated system will provide you with perfectly matched components for your project.



Lipo battery solutions

Naval DC supplies modular semi-custom lithium polymer battery systems from 48 V up to 600 V DC for high power applications. The modular batteries have integrated safety features as well as an internal battery monitoring system (BMS). We only use the highest quality lithium polymer cells from Kokam for our systems.



Custom propellers

Custom matched carbon fiber or NiAlBronse propellers can boost your system efficiency by up to 15 percent. For your investment, you will get more speed and more range out of your system. A reduction of underwater noise is an added benefit with matched carbon propellers.


Hull design for electric propulsion

Naval DC combines naval architecture background and experience based knowledge to develop and design a hull form that suites your design envelope. The hulls are designed and optimized with electric propulsion in mind.



Consultancy for electric propulsion systems

You already have a design or a hull for conversion? Naval DC can assess the possibilities for electric propulsion by checking the most important parameters of your project and consult where needed to get you the best electric propulsion experience.



Propeller calculations for electric propulsion

Naval DC is specialized in propeller calculations for electric propulsion systems. Since electric motors are superior to traditional diesel or gasoline engines in many aspects, they can take bigger propellers with more pitch. We require all info available on the electric drive train as well as all technical boat data in order to engineer a matched propeller for your vessel.