Why should you be satisfied with less?

With everything we do, we want to challenge what is possible today and deliver the most efficient design and electric drive train for your needs.


Can we just replace a diesel engine with an electric motor? At Naval DC we have a clear vision that we need to take it a step further. Actually - not just one step further…


Are nowadays-common hull forms, optimized for fuel burning engines, suited for electric drives? With much less energy on board, an electric propulsion system requires fundamentally different design features than traditional propulsion systems. Sounds complicated? Do not worry we are here to help!


You have found a competent partner in Naval DC who understands the naval architecture and system challenges that come with matching an electric propulsion system.


We want you to achieve the best performance with your electric propulsion system. That is the reason why we made it our mission at Naval DC to be a reliable partner for you and your project, when technical know how and a pioneering spirit are important to you.