From early age on, David was fascinated by all things boating.
His first contact with electric boating was at the age of five on a lake in his home-province Bavaria. The big smile and the fashionable haircut of the time say it all – he was sold…


However, his enthusiasm had to wait until after he had finished his secondary school in England, when he decided to study naval architecture. His passion for the yachting industry led him to the Netherlands – home of the nicest yachts. The Delft University of Technology offered the perfect education for an aspiring naval architect.
He further developed his eye for details and perfect craftsmanship during an internship at the renowned Dutch super-yacht builder Royal Huisman Shipyard. Little did he know at the time that soon they would collaborate on a custom touchscreen user interface for the Czeers Mk1 solar speedboat.


Back in 2006, he joined the TU Delft solar boat team to take on hull design as well as onboard system challenges specifically with solar electric boat racing in mind. The team’s concept proved to be a success as they had won the first edition of the Frisian Solar Challenge – the world cup for solar boat racing.
This success inspired him together with a team colleague to build a commercial solar speedboat, the Czeers Mk1. With state of the art technology, deck-embedded solar cells and unique design, she is an extraordinary beauty. Unfortunately however, the market collapsed in late 2008, so he had to focus on other ways of putting his knowledge and know how into practice.


Naval DC is the platform from which David Czap passionately puts his strive into practice to deliver you the best electric sailing performance there can be.