A new perspective...
Welcome to NAVAL DC, a unique combination of electric propulsion insight and naval architecture know-how. Have a look around or get straight in touch about your electric propulsion project.


What we do...
Naval DC focuses on higher power systems and hull design with electric propulsion in mind. We offer 25 kW to 100 kW propulsion systems as well as complete integrated drive trains in close collaboration with Mastervolt.


See it all in action...
Take a look at some of our realized designs and projects. There is a wide variety from (solar) electric speedboats to auxiliary propulsion on sailing catamarans and contemporary hull design.


The e-Experience...
NAVAL DC brings it all together; the symbiosis of passion for the marine environment and fascination for clean propulsion forms. Find out more about why we love what we do!

NAVAL DC is the specialist for electric propulsion and advanced hull forms!
Benefit from our experience in modern design and sustainable technology.